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Irish Sport Horse.

The traditionally bred Irish Sport Horse or half-bred was a cross between the Thoroughbred stallion and the Registered Irish Draught mare. The half-bred mare when crossed again with a Thoroughbred stallion produced a three-quarter bred.

The Irish Sport Horse may contain bloodlines from many different breeds including European breeds.

The term Irish Hunter, Hunter, and non-Thoroughbred are used to describe the Irish Sport Horse.



Registered Irish Draught - refers to mares, stallions and geldings inspected and approved for breeding prior to the implementation of EU Decision 96/78

S1/Class Two

Section 1 or Class Two refers to stallions and mares that have not achieved RID/Class One classification at inspection. They have recorded pedigree and have passed a veterinary examination.

S2/Class Three

Section 2 or Class Three refers to stallions and mares that have recorded pedigree, but have not passed a veterinary examination at inspection.